This list reflects sales which are presently scheduled to occur at a future date. Nothing herein shall be construed as an offer to sell. Items contained herein are provided for informational purposes only. Information is provided only as a courtesy, and any and all warranties (whether express or implied) are disclaimed. O’Dess and Associates, S.C. and their respective members, officers, employees and agents take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein.


All prospective purchasers are encouraged to review the status of title to any properties in which they are interested. Any issues reflected on title should be understood and resolved to your satisfaction prior to the day of sale, upon consultation with an independent attorney at law or title insurance company of your choosing. Title conveyed by way of the foreclosure sale is "as is" without representation as to lien position, status of title or condition of premises, subject to all easements, restrictions, encumbrances and issues appearing of record.

 All sales are governed by applicable law and announcements by the sheriff or selling officer presiding over the sale. All information, including bid amount, is subject to change up to and including the time of sale. The bid amounts listed herein are opening bids only, and may not reflect the final bid which may be entered.


NOTE: The property address may not be relied upon. It is intended to be a convenient reference. If you are seriously interested in purchasing a particular property at foreclosure sale, only the legal description used in the advertisement of sale should be used to identify the correct property. Further, you should utilize the legal description provided in the advertisement to satisfy yourself as to the status of title as set forth above.

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